The Best Grapple
Attachment Period

The Demo-Dozer replaces six attachments in one unit. An Arsenal of attachments all at your finger tips.

What makes us a better choice for you?

  1. Demo-Dozer combines 6 to 8 attachments.
  2. Demo-Dozer reduces the need for laborers.
  3. Demo-Dozer improves production on projects.
  4. Demo-Dozer has fewer attachment changes.
  5. Demo-Dozer's exceptional quality and engineering.

Standard Demo-Dozer

Your standard Demo-Dozer Attachment comes with these great features

Demo-Dozer combines the following attachments in one attachment
  • Material GP Bucket
  • Dozer
  • Demolition Grapple
  • Clam Shell Bucket
  • Log Handler
  • Four in One Bucket
  • Receiver Hitch attachment
Number of tool receivers on each bucket.
*60 1015 lbs. 2 Receivers
*66 1068 lbs. 2 Receivers
*72 1136 lbs. 4 Receivers
*78 1215 lbs. 4 Receivers
*84 1290 lbs. 4 Receivers
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Demo-Dozer Removable Floor

The power of a demo-dozer with a removable floor

Demo-Dozer Removable Floor features
  • Removable Side Plates
  • Recessed Grease Zerks
  • Tool Receivers
    • * 2 receivers in the 60, 66 inch
    • * 4 Receivers in the 72, 78, 84 inch
  • Two Chain Hooks and Pins
  • vHoses, Couplers
*60 1015 lbs. 2 Receivers
*66 1068 lbs. 2 Receivers
*72 1136 lbs. 4 Receivers
*78 1215 lbs. 4 Receivers
*84 1290 lbs. 4 Receivers
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Demo-Dozer Mini

The perfect Demo-Dozer for walk-behind mini skid loaders

Leverage all the power of a Demo-Dozer on a walk-behind skid loader with the Demo-Dozer Mini Series

*42 295 lbs. 1 Receiver
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TM SkidSplitter Pro Series

Revolutionize your wood splitting by leveraging the power of a hydraulic spitter with the speed of your skid loader

TM Pro

The TM Pro 2 Splitter (patent pending) revolutionizes splitting wood. You can now buy one splitter and reap the benefits of a variety of different splitting wedge configurations. At TM Manufacturing we specialize in speed, and with single, 4-way, and 6-way splitting heads, nothing is faster than the Pro 2. If the standard splitting heads aren't enough for you, contact us and we'll make you a custom splitting head that is perfect for your project.

Model Stroke Cylinder Weight
Pro Series 24 24" 4" 800 lbs
Pro Series 30 30" 4.5" or 5" 900 lbs
Pro Series 36 36" 4.5" or 5" 1000 lbs
TM Heavy Duty

The TM Heavy Duty is the same as the TM Pro Series, minus the viewing window. It's designed to be fast at splitting big ugly rounds into pieces you can handle.

Model Stroke Cylinder Weight
Heavy Duty 30 30" 4.5" or 5" ~800 lbs
Heavy Duty 36 36" 4.5" or 5" ~900 lbs
TM Warrior

The Warrior Series splitters are designed for residential and light commercial use, and are TM's most affordable splitters.

The TM warrior 30" is available with a 2 stage single split wedge and/or a four-way wedge. With a faster cycle time and a smaller wedge than the HD and Pro series splitters, the warrior is ideal for splitting your wood into smaller pieces. You can remove the four-way splitting wings and split the big rounds. This model is made for splitting logs small enough for a fireplace or indoor wood stoves.

Model Stroke Cylinder Weight
Warrior 30 30" 4" 550 lbs
TM Excavator

Now any of the TM SkidSplitter models can be mounted to your excavator. Get the strength and speed of a TM splitter, with the added control and precision of your excavator.

Viper Screening Bucket

Why Choose the Viper VPH Series Buckets?
  • Clean user friendly design
  • Outstanding productivity
  • Constructed of Hardox 500 Wear Steel
  • Twin spiral blade design
  • The simplest maintenance possible
  • Competitively priced & always in stock